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We have a 2020 BEST Ultimate recumbent 3rd generation demo for sale and and it is being auctioned off. You may click on the link below to bid on it.


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Safety has always been our top priority and we've designed the Ultimate BEST recumbent to be one of the safest and most reliable recumbents on the market.  The BEST recumbent has a quick release lever in addition to a safety pin that must be released before the frame can be folded.  In addition, it cannot be folded unless the seat is removed.  The trike can stop at full speed using just one of the brakes, without swirving.  Reflective paint strips are on each tire for better visibility during night time riding.


Unique Folding Design:


The seat can be easily removed with a quick release handle and then the frame folds easily in half. No disassembly is required before folding. Avoid cheaply made recumbents from overseas. They may look similar but the quality is just not there. Just because it looks like a pair of Nike shoes, it doesn't mean you should buy it.

Independent Front Brakes:


Most trikes are equipped with two front brakes only and if you apply the left brake more than the right, the trike will turn suddenly to the left and vice versa. These trikes require you to apply the same amount of pressure on both left and right brakes, or else you will swerve out of control.


The BEST recumbent's braking system allows the rider to stop without swerving left or right even if only the right or left brake is applied.


Optional Electric Motor and Battery:


Motor and battery is not included in the price above.  Our motor and battery package sells for $2000.


- 1000 watt brushless motor, speeds up to 30-35 mph. 

- 48 volt 15 AH litium ion battery (includes charger) 




Frame: Aircraft grade aluminum alloy


Shifters: (Free $225 upgrade to any brand customer chooses)


Front Derailleur: (Free $175 upgrade to any brand customer chooses)


Rear Derailleur: (Free $200 upgrade to any brand customer chooses)


Cassette: (Free $190 upgrade to any brand customer chooses)


Crankset: (Free $200 upgrade to any brand customer chooses)


Tires: Rear - 20 x 1.50 inch (or 26 inch optional upgrade), Two Front - 20 x 1.50 inch (Free $125 upgrade to any brand customer chooses)


Brakes: (Free $190 upgrade to any brand customer chooses)


Seat: Meshed


Pedal: (Free $150 upgrade to any brand customer chooses)


Speed: 21-27


Weight: to be determined by final brand and parts selection

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