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Welcome to Adventure Cycling:


Employment Opportunities available throughout the United States: Limited to a few positions per city !


- No need to relocate

- 100% work from home

- No experience necessary

- Get paid and earn 50% commission

- Contact us for more information


Come see us at this year's European Cyclists' Federation's Velo-city conference !


Our innovative designs have been the standard for over 20 years in the cycling industry. All of our recumbents are designed to the highest standards. The experience and workmanship of our engineers are reflected in each and every one of our products. Quality and performance remain our top priorities for our customers worldwide. We will continue to do so into the 21st century. We thank you for your continual support for the last 20 years


Our Zero Risk Guarantee: Warranties are transferable.


All of our trikes come with a lifetime warranty on the frame.  If the frame is or becomes defective in any way, for as long as you own it, we will replace it with a brand new trike of equal or greater value.


All bike components come with a 10 year warranty, except for the motor and battery.  Electrical components, including the motor and battery, carry a 2 year warranty.